What You’ll Find- Advanced

After your Beginner Protection has worn off, your village will start to look very different as you grow and earn more points.  Your Headquarters will change and become impressive as you level up, as will your other buildings.

There are a few new buildings that you will see and build, and they are:

Stable: The stable is where you, logically, build and train all troops that use horses: Light and Heavy Cavalry, and Scouts.  The higher the upgrade level, the faster the troops will train.

Smithy: This is where you can research and improve your weapons, and as with the other buildings in the village, the higher the upgrade means shorter research times.  Read up on Smithy Techs to learn more about the defensive benefits this can offer.

Workshop: The workshop is crucial to your offensive tactics, because it allows you to build rams and catapults.

Academy: This is where the magic happens.  The Academy is the most advanced building in the village, but allows you to train nobles and thus take over villages to expand your empire.


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