Upgrading Your Resources

Mine2Mines are critical- this is where you get the resources to do, well, everything.  Unless you are lucky enough to find the perfect farm very early on, you’ll need to maximize your mine to queue troops, make upgrades, build defenses, and research new technologies. 

Upgrade your timber camp, your clay pit or your iron mine according to the resource you need the most.
If the beginner protection is long, don’t shy away from adding a few more mine levels before the protection wears off to increase your income and to maximize the benefit of beginner protection. Plan ahead; if your farming force is having trouble getting resources and also hits many spikes, upgrading your mine can add consistency and reliability to your income.

Of note: if you want to add a few mine levels, be sure to get them before you begin any other strategy to optimize your income.

Mining may seem obvious, but many players lose sight of their mine after the earliest phases of the game pass due to other strategies that come in to play and the increasing responsibilities of the upper echelons of play.  Resources are key to success, and mines are the easiest way to get them.


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