Upgrading Buildings

Once you are out of Beginner Protection, building upgrades become a bit more fluid.  You will need to keep the following questions in mind:

  • Are you offensive, or defensive?
  • What are your farming needs?
  • Do you have enemies nearby?
  • What is your tribes focus?
  • Do you want points or troops?

If your focus is troops, then you need to focus on upgrading your resources, your farm, your warehouse, and your Smithy/Barracks/Stable so that you can maximize weaponry and troop strength, particularly if you are offensive.  If you are focusing on defensive troops, you also need to consider your wall.  As a general rule, the following template is a good guide for 1000-ish point player.

HQ: Level 10-15

Barracks: Level 8-12

Wall: Level 15

Stable: Level 6-12

Resources (wood, clay, iron): Level 15-20… or more.  These are important.

Smithy: Level 10-15

Farm: Depends on your troop ratio, but level 15 is safe and generous.

Troops: 2:1 minimum ratio recommended. This means that if you have 1000 points, you should have 2000 troops.  FOCUS ON EITHER OFFENSIVE OR DEFENSIVE.

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