Farming: Swords Escorting

SwordsFor Swords Escorting, make sure you have the following upgrades in place:

  • Headquarters level 4
  • Headquarters level 5
  • Smithy level 1 (swords should be researched, or level 1)
  • Build a few swords to escorts spears group.

Build a few swords (1 to 5 per group of 20-35 spears) to send with your spears for protection during farming runs (and can free up your paladin to farm alone). Especially if you have an Iron larger surplus than usual, going for sword escorts can be a good choice.

Don’t let a Sword Escort approach stop you from rushing light cavalry; in fact, the two help you get resources faster. The hauling capacity of the swords is bigger than the axe-men.  But beware- the downside of this strategy is simply that the swords slow down your spear group since they walk slowly.

Shy away from mixing the sword escorting during the beginner protection with the Axe escorting, it’s important to choose one or the other. The earlier you use this strategy, the more you will see the maximum benefits- do not wait until you are out of beginner protection.

You can use it after the beginner protection according to which villages you are farming and if you already have swords from your period of beginner protection. This strategy can be easily mixed with the Early defense strategy and Spiking.

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