Restart Mail Tactic

MailRestart Mail is popular, simple, and effective- and the best part is that it doesn’t require any resources or planning. This technique goes along side Intimidation, and has you mail your neighbors to try making them restart. The goal is to create barbarians for farming, and naturally, to get rid of some nearby future enemies that you don’t want growing alongside you and breathing down your throat.

Being arrogant leads often to a failure, and failure in this tactic isn’t rare. It works better if you mail them the first time they log-in since they won’t have spent any time growing their account. This is often used by world hoppers.

If you are in a tribe, consider having them also mail new players to cause them more stress and concern.  It’s relatively easy to convince your tribe to help you with this, since it doesn’t require them to send any troops or risk losses on your behalf.

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