SRE/C Farming

ScoutSRE/C farming – If you are online often, then SRE (scout report evaluation) farming is a good option for you to consider.  Based on the mine levels of your farm and the last time you farmed it, you can use this method to calculate the exact haul you can anticipate so that you maximize your use of troops.

There are scripts that can automatically do this for you. But if you have farm assist, the “C” option does this already. Start off sending a lot of micro-farm runs each with 1 scout attached. Then, when the reports come in, just hit the “C” key to send off the correct amount of troops.

Spend two minutes every hour or two using C farming, and you will likely come away with lots and lots of resources.

  • Of note: don’t send all of your troops out when you start. I usually send about 3/4 of my farming troops out. That way, when the reports come back, you have plenty of troops to go back out again to get big hauls that were left behind the first go around.

Being able to effectively C farm means you have to find the right balance, and when to switch back to micro-farming, when to widen your farming radius, when to leave your nearby farms alone for a few hours, etc.

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