Intro to Strategy- Offense

TroopsBuild 1

  • Axe 6500
  • Light Cavalry 3000
  • Rams 300

This build is a general nuke, and is the most popular; it takes 15 days to build. If you do not know the player’s defensive build, this is usually the best nuke.

Build 2

  • Axe 8500
  • Light Cavalry 2500
  • Rams 300

This build is a good offensive nuke, as it has a higher attacking power then the other two builds; however it takes 20 days to build, which is considerably more than the other two, and in war time this delay will really count.

Build 3

  • Axe 5500
  • Light Cavalry 3250
  • Rams 300

This build is much quicker to produce than the other two, and takes only 14 days. As it is Light Cavalry heavy, this is commonly used as a farming village. It has sacrificed attack power for a quicker build time.

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