Simple Defense Template


No matter your nobling strategy, you must be able to defend your existing villages, and your new village once you win it.  Here are a few suggestions:

Build 1

  • Spear Fighter 10000
  • Swordsman 10000
  • Scouts 500

This build is the best in terms of defense per farm space, and can easily take out a full nuke on its own. The downside is it takes 45 days to build with a level 25 barracks (on a speed 1 world), so it’s very time-consuming. Also, this build takes a long time to move around to support villages, so keep your villages clustered.

Build 2

  • Spear Fighter 8000
  • Heavy Cavalry 2000
  • Scouts 500

This is a popular defensive choice, as it takes far less time to build than a foot defense, just 17 days. You sacrifice 20% of your troop’s effectiveness from a foot defense for a faster building time, and a quicker supporting ability.

Build 3

  • Spear Fighter 7000
  • Swordsman 7000
  • Heavy Cavalry 1000
  • Scouts 500

This is also a fairly popular defensive build, as it takes 31 days, which is approximately 2/3 of the time required to build a foot defense. This build is good for axe heavy nukes, but less effective for cavalry heavy ones.

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