Script/Bookmark Farming

BookmarkScript farming – Scripts, used properly, help you rapidly send out multiple farming runs. To use it, open many tabs in Opera to the rally point, and use shortcut keys to quickly flip through the tabs while clicking the farming script and while sending out the attacks.

Bookmark farming – This is a way to do a lot of micro farming very quickly and easily, and it saves you time in the long run. The only catch is that it will take a bit of time and work to set it up. The idea is to send out a wave of micro farming runs, and then to save all those reports in your archive folder.

To set it up, right click the “attack again with same troops” link in each report, and save it as a bookmark. Setting up several bookmark folders labeled “farming 1, farming 2,” etc. can help keep it organized. Depending on your computer’s processing abilities, you’ll probably want to save about 20-40 bookmarks per folder.

When you are ready to farm, go to your bookmarks and click on the first folder. It will open up the attack confirmation screen for all of the bookmarks saved in that folder, all in separate tabs. You can quickly go through and click “OK” to send the attacks. Bookmark farming can be very helpful if you aren’t using farm assist.


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