Rams: Large Stacks

Ram3200+ rams will always negate the wall bonus during the first part of battle, but that doesn’t mean that a given number of rams will always demolish the wall. Damaging the wall happens in the second phase of battle. The outcome of the attacking troops against the defending troops determines how much damage the wall will suffer. Some players think that at certain stages of the game, when there is a good chance that villages will have very high defensive stacks, that it’s better to add rams to a nuke. This is not really true.

To start, try some simulations.

  • Start off with whatever design defensive stack you like for the defenders, set the wall level at 20, and choose a nuke design with 300 or 350 rams, or whatever you like.
  • Make sure that it’s a design that actually makes sense based on farm space limitations.
  • Sim this nuke against the defense stack, and then insert the remaining defenders and repeat the sim.
  • Keep doing this, and keep count of how many nukes it takes to eventually clear the village.
  • Afterward, repeat the same process, but this time use a nuke that only has 219 rams, and devotes the extra farm space to axes and cavalry.

The result of such an experiment is that for any given stack, you use fewer nukes when you only have 220 rams in each nuke.

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