Point-Whoring Strategy

WhoreA player using the point-whoring strategy, also known as a Sim City player, adds buildings only to gain points. The players want to keep high ranks when using this strategy but it leads to their downfall in the rankings later on. Why? They neglect their income. Instead of building troops or more mine levels or getting other useful buildings, they build some of these:

  • Market; build too early and the market slows down your growth.  You need only build it early if you’re using a market strategy.
  • Hiding place- useful in some precise occasions but not during the beginner protection.
  • Smithy- you only need to build when you want to add some new units and have already some Spears and your Paladin.
  • Highly upgraded Mines, emphasize on farming even if it gives less points.
  • Unneeded HQ , Barracks and Stables levels- most of these upgrades aren’t needed since you don’t have the income to keep them working 24 hours a day. You can upgrade them if you see you’re producing too many resources and can’t build things fast enough.
  • Unneeded Farm and Warehouse levels (if your farm or your warehouse isn’t full, you don’t need to upgrade them).

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