MicrofarmingMicro-farming works really well for less active players who still need and want to maximize their farming, or who live in very dense grids with a lot of farming competition.

Micro-farming means sending very small groups of troops all at the same time. This could be as few as 2 LC per farm. If you only have a very short amount of time online, logging in twice in a day and taking 10 minutes to send your troops out micro farming will let you do a lot of farming even though you’re offline.

This strategy works well if there’s a lot of competition for farming in your area. It’s a better use of time and of activity, since it’s better to have 100 small hauls that are only 50% full, than to have 5 big hauls that are only 2% full.

One suggested grouping: 5-10 LC, 20 spears 5 axes, 20 spears 1 HC, 10 HC, 100 axes. These groupings have relatively small hauls, but the benefit is that the majority of them will come back full, and if they don’t, they don’t have a lot of empty haul space.

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