Market Strategy

Market 2To employ a Market Strategy, you will need:

  • Warehouse level 2
  • Market level 1
  • A surplus of iron

Active players find this very beneficial and convenient, since Spears production creates a surplus of iron. If you don’t want to focus your resource spending too much on your warehouse, or if you have a resource that will easily exceed your warehouse capacity, use this strategy.

The benefit and simultaneous drawback of the market strategy is that it is comparable to a warehouse level 5 in carrying capacity, but only for 1 resource. You can get upgrade your market level to gain more storage capacity. Of course, the warehouse is better than the market for long term resource storage but at the very early stages it has benefits.

This strategy can easily mix with almost any strategy, but works especially well with: Spear production, Market Rush, Market addition, Swords escorting, Early defense strategy and Light cavalry rush. It is the main purpose of having a market before the end of the beginner protection.

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