Market Rush

Market3Prior to initiating a Market Rush, you will need to make sure that you have the following upgrades complete:

  • Statue + paladin (if there is no paladin in this world, don’t even try it…)
  • wood 1
  • clay 1
  • wood 2
  • (level 3, 4 wood is optional, level 2 clay also)
  • warehouse 2
  • market 1

Use wood to gain 2x the amount of iron on the market.

This strategy is a toss-up, but is definitely one of the worse ones to use in early stages.  By doing this, you will come up short in Iron and will need to use your wood, which is often needed for spears. Market rush is extremely rare, and in more than 99% of the cases, it slows you down a lot. It is still in the developmental stages as a strategy, so any and all feedback and advice are welcomed if you use this approach successfully.


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