Light Cavalry Rush

Cavalry2Light Cavalry rush is an offensive strategy that has very specific update requirements for implementation.

Headquarters needs to be updated to:

  • HQ 10

Smithy levels should be:

  • Smithy 5

The Barracks will need:

  • Barrack 5

And finally, you need a Stable at:

  • Stable 3

Once, these upgrade level are reached, begin researching light cavalry (level 1 will do to begin with).

Build only light cavalry (and warehouse+ farm levels when needed) until you are able to produce light cavalry 24 hours a day. This tactic is really popular, and really effective for farming since light cavalry is the best unit for speed and hauling capacity- thus where this tactic gets its name. A single light cavalry will survive a farming attempt against a camp with no wall or defense. Try to send light cavalry alone in groups and waves to maximize their speed advantage.

The light cavalry rush is ideal during the short beginner protection, and also works well if you are an active player. It works also pretty well on 10 tech worlds.

Getting light cavalry before the beginner protection should be your goal only if you are actively farming your area. There is no specific order for upgrading the Smithy and Barracks. Often, experienced players will upgrade Smithy levels if they know they won’t have the resources to queue more buildings for quite some time, and will do the same for Barracks levels if they know they have the resources to keep their HQ working.

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