Light Cavalry Nuke

The Light Cavalry Nuke doesn’t need as many troops, because your troops are much stronger and more effective. A Light Cavalry Nuke is the logical nuke to use for anyone that pursued a Light Cavalry Rush strategy.

The nuke should consist of:

  • 500-750 Light Cavalry
  • 100-200 Axes
  • 250-500 Spears

Any nuke should be a part of a noble train, containing a Noble and several scouts in case the village has high loyalty then you can stack your trains and nukes accordingly.

The Light Cavalry unit is a very strong offensive unit, so make sure that you leave some defense in the village as well in case the player you nobled returns to take it back.  It wouldn’t do to lose a village you worked so hard for because you didn’t plan ahead.

Happy nuking!

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