Building Light Cavalry


Light Cavalry is one of the first real boosts you can acquire to strengthen your troops offensively.  It is also very fast, and relatively inexpensive for the benefits.

There are many upgrades that impact your ability to build a cavalry.  Each upgrade will allow additional units, or will strengthen existing units, so be sure that you give them priority. 

For the Headquarters, they are:

  • HQ 10

For the Smithy:

  • Smithy 5

For the Barracks:

  • Barrack 5

And finally, for the Stable:

  • Stable 3

If you want to have a strong offensive strategy, focus on building only light cavalry (and warehouse + farm levels when needed), until you are able to have light cavalry in production 24 hours a day.

Usually, at this step, you are out of the beginner protection. It is possible you have already a few of the buildings listed if you already have scouts, and the exact order that you upgrade them in is not as important, unless you have a specific building strategy.  See your particular building recommendation for more information on this.


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