Early Defensive Strategy

DefensiveThere are some low-cost tactics for defending your village in early stages.

  • Guess the incoming troops by comparing the walking speed of the units and the total traveling speed, which will reflect the slowest speed of the units (usually the rams or catapults), and upgrade defenses accordingly. This is easier if you have a premium account, although it is still doable on non premium accounts.   
  • Check attacks IDs (check this thread for more information).
  •  Once you think you know what is coming, dodge the attack.  Dodging means sending your troops elsewhere during the attack to avoid losses.
  • Spend your resources on troop upgrades \or send them to your farm; often, players send their troops and their resources to the same barbarian village. Your wall will damage his troops and the attacker suffers damage, while yours is minimal and you don’t get farmed.

After that, try a tactic called backtiming.  Time your dodge so your troops return as soon as possible after the enemy attack, and counter attack with troops that have the same or better walking speed.   Use it against offensive players, since you can kill their troops with very few losses. You can also time an attack to land when his own troops are returning; he will not have properly estimated the fire power needed to overtake you, and will suffer heavy losses.

If you are facing a noble train, you probably have no other defensive choice than both sniping and backtiming your opponent. Sniping is having troops either returning home or being sent in to support one of your villages (by tribemates, for example) after the first of the 4-5 noble attack but blocking the other ones. If you manage to hit the nobles with a backtime, it can guarantee your survival against this player.


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