Simple Sniping

SnipingSniping is the art of interrupting a noble train with your troops, defending your village from being nobled.


Consider the scenario below, where someone has sent a great noble train with only 5 milliseconds between each hit.
Arrival time: (hour:minute:second:millisecond)
You can assume that the first attack is likely to be a nuke (containing a noble) and the others a noble on its own, or with a few 100 troops, but nothing you couldn’t destroy easily.


1) Check the times the attacks are coming in, and search for a village nearby that you can use to dodge the attack, but make sure that it will allow for AT LEAST the amount of time you have before the attacks arrive, i.e. if the attack hits in 1 hour 30 minutes, make sure the village you are going to use for a dodge is also at least 1 hour 30 minutes away, as you can only withdraw an attack when it is under 50% there.


2) Send your troops to the village, ensuring that the time they will HIT the village is between 100 and 115 milliseconds, so it missed the first attack, but will arrive back before the last.


3) Divide the time the attacking army will arrive by two. When your army on its way to the village has been gone for this length of time, CANCEL it, so it will return home. This step is most important; use the in-game server clock, and allow for your lag, I like to click cancel a second in advanced to allow for lag. For example, if the enemy army arrives in 50 minutes 20 seconds, then click cancel on YOUR army’s attack at 25 minutes 9/10 seconds (depending on lag) so it will arrive home at precisely 10:00:00:1xx


IMPORTANT: Before you ever need to snipe, it is important to check your world settings; as some allow for you to cancel an attack up to halfway, whereas others may say you can only cancel up to 10 minutes of traveling time. Also, some worlds (such as classic on UK servers) randomize landing times to a certain degree.


Please note: this is not the only way to snipe, but definitely the easiest.


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