Extreme Barrack Rush

Barracks2The Extreme Barracks rush is exactly what it sounds like- an extreme version of Barracks Rush. To employ it, you will need:

  • HQ 2
  • HQ 3
  • Barrack
  • Constantly build spears and begin farming.

Avoid this strategy in the early stages. Your mine income is so small that even if you rushed for troops, players with upgraded mines will actually have more troops than you, faster , and their mine income to boot. More experienced players in later stages of the game are likelier to have success with this strategy. You can employ this strategy to annoy players and create spiked farms with no resources.

A good way to use this strategy is with a village that already has upgraded mines (for example, when you join a world later on); even if you have mines, you’ll want at least a level 4 wood, a level 2 or 3 clay and a level 1 iron.  Also, if you have the option, build a statue with a paladin to farm before HQ 2. This technique also works way better with the completion of the tutorial and the rewards that come with it.

Many players use this strategy in developed world, because it is very efficient; troops get a better profit than mines, and are what tribal wars is all about.

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