Intro to Strategy- Defensive

Defense3To start, build more swords than needed for farming (a minimum of 100 to 150) so that you are properly defended from an invasion or attack, and keep in mind that the later you use this approach, the more troops and wall levels you will need.  A wall level 5 is a good minimum to shoot for.

This strategy is simple: try to kill enemy troops if they attack when the beginner protection wears off. The best time to use early defense is, well, always! It works particularly well against players that are less experienced. It also can be mixed with the Turtling strategy.

If they have a lot of spears, then your defensive approach is to approach but not attack- make them angry by mailing them, threatening to farm, etc… use what you want to make him attack you. Be prepared with a wall level and swords (and spears if you wish) to defend against those small spears attacks.

In some cases, this investment in defense and provocation could slow you down and might fail to give you the benefits you want.  Defense and preparation are never a waste of time, but make sure you know your strategy inside and out.  Combine when needed, and adjust as you go.  Don’t be afraid to use the simulator, and use other resources, such as How to defend a Start-up, to help guide you.


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