Early Axe Nuke

AxeTo use the Early Axe Nuke strategy, you will want to build mostly axes along with spears during the beginner protection. Do not build buildings unless they’re necessary, like the warehouse or the Barracks.

Focus on building a large offensive force. This strategy is very effective, but requires a lot of activity. It works well when your farms are dry, or if you think that you won’t be able to afford a Light Cavalry Rush.  Use your axes to swarm a farm or enemy village, and overwhelm them with force and numbers.  Pillage the resources and return to your village to regroup- you should suffer very few losses.

You should have 1000-1200 Axes, 250-500 Spears, and 100-250 Light Cavalry to round out your nuke.


  • Remember that Spears still are good units for farming and clearing the few inactives you may find around you, so keep building them while the axes help you boost your growth.
  • Axe Nukes work well on long beginner protection.
  • The best location to use this is in the core or early rim and when very few experienced players are around you.

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