Demolishing Strategy

Wrecking ballDemolishing as a strategy is rarely used, but becomes more popular while the world expands. To employ this strategy, demolish your own buildings temporarily when your farm capacity is full and you want to continue produce troops.

Sometimes, you can free up farm space faster by demolishing a few buildings than waiting for your farm to upgrade another level. You can then queue also a farm level after and rebuild your demolished buildings.

Usually, demolishing is a counterproductive strategy, but occasionally makes sense as noted above, especially later in the game. A good example of a smart use of demolishing is the market; if you frequently use your market and needed to level it up earlier in the game and have since moved on to another strategy, lowering it a few levels can free up a few villagers to become soldiers.

Another strategy for demolition, especially for those who want to demolish faster, is to cat themselves and leveling down several buildings at once. They can continue to grow their village by building new buildings instead of demolishing old ones.

Demolishing isn’t always a smart strategy, but it can work in specific situations so make sure that you consider your options carefully.  Pay special attention to incoming attacks and how long downgrading/upgrading will take you, and the resources consumed during the process.

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