Countering Backtimes and Anti-Backtimes Strategies

BacktimingThough backtiming can be crippling, there are tactics to avoid being backtimed, or to counteract it when you are.

  • You use a few catapults, or cats (10-25 usually does the job) with your attack, and you destroy his rally point. This way, he can’t keep sending troops back to you right away. Of course, if he backtimes you with only axes, your choices are more limited.
  • Time more catapults to destroy the rally point; this is your best option if he is online 24 hours a day (you can try catching him offline, if he is really near you).
  • If he continues to backtime you despite avoidance tactics, you can also try a counter-backtime.

Another strategy to protect your own ability to backtime your enemy is demolishing your own rally point (you need a HQ lvl15 at least). Time the reconstruction to finish just after the scheduled attack, thus preventing your opponent from knocking down your rally point when you need it. Make sure to dodge troops before demolishing your rally point.

For more information on backtiming and all the strategies surrounding it, search on the guide section or mail other more experienced players. These kinds of strategies are advanced and are used by really experienced players.


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