Millisecond Noble Train

NobleThere is a shortcut for Noble trains, and it is definitely worth your while to set it up ahead of when you will need it.

For Setup:

  1. Download and install Opera web browser.
  2. Launch the browser, then go to “Tools” then “Preferences”.
  3. Go into the “Advanced” tab and click on “Shortcuts”.
  4. Single click “Opera Standard” under the “Keyboard setup” box, then click on “Duplicate”.
  5. Single click “Copy of Opera Standard” then “Rename” it to “TW Noble Train”.
  6. Single click “TW Noble Train” then choose “Edit”. This will pop-up the window “Edit Keyboard Setup”.
  7. Under the “Edit Keyboard Setup” windows, click “Application” then “New”.
  8. In the box that shows up, type the letter “t” (use the lower case letter “T” as there currently isn’t a shortcut that uses this key).
  9. Now double click the “Actions” column corresponding to the shortcut you’re setting up (just next to “t”) then type this exact text: “Click button & Switch to next page”
  10. Complete the change then click “OK”. This will take you back to the “Advanced” tab.
  11. Make sure that your keyboard setup (“TW Noble Train”) is highlighted by clicking it, then click “OK” to complete the setup.

Sending the millisecond noble train:
Now that the Opera web browser is configured for the “TW Noble Train” shortcut, you just need to follow these last steps to launch the noble train and start taking over villages:

  1.  Open Opera and login to Tribal Wars.
  2. Instead of opening “Rally point” and entering the details of the attack, go the map, click the village you want to attack/noble then click the attack icon (or, click the “Village information” icon then choose “Send troops”). This will bring you to the “Rally point” with the X and Y coordinates already filled-out.
  3. Right click the Opera tab header then choose “Clone Tab”. Do this multiple times until you get 6 Opera tabs showing the “Rally point”.
  4. The first 2 tabs are only dummy tabs. On these 2 tabs, enter any troop except the nobleman (I normally put 1 ram on each of the first 2 tabs).
  5. Fill-out the last 4 tabs with the troops that you want as the noble train then click the “Attack” button. This will bring you the “Attack” tab. On each tab, make sure that the “OK” button is highlighted (the “OK button outlined with blue). If not, click the “OK” button using the middle button of the mouse while the “Ctrl” button is pressed. Ensure also that all troops that you entered add up correctly, including those in the dummy tabs.
  6. To launch your noble train, go the first tab then press and hold “t” (lowercase “t”) until you go through all the 6 tabs. With this setup, you should be able to send your noble train within 200msec to 250msec (or even faster) depending on whether you send a 4 or 5 noble train.

NOTE: Sometimes, probably due to bad internet connection, you will not immediately be able to achieve the 200msec train. If you encounter this, just try it again. 🙂


Dodging Automation

DodgingAutomated attacks are a part of the game, and avoiding automation is critical to long-term survival.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. For each of your villages, select a report of that village attacking some barb; doesn’t matter what attack or against whom, you just want any report featuring the village you want a dodge script for.
  2. Put these reports in a folder where they’ll NEVER get deleted (I make a designated folder for this called ‘Dodging’). 

Of note: if the reports ever get deleted the script won’t work anymore and will have to be set up again

  1. In each report, right click the “attack again with all” link and then hit “copy Link.”
  2. Go to Edit Quick Bar, create a new link, and for target URL paste the link you copied.

If it’s working properly, you will be able to click that link from anywhere and be instantly taken to the confirmation screen with all the troops you currently have in the village

This is useful for times when you have just a couple seconds to dodge an incoming attack, such as when you’re being back timed.

Alternatively, you can add this to Quick Bar, and change the xxxxxxx to your saved report ID.