Upgrading Buildings

Once you are out of Beginner Protection, building upgrades become a bit more fluid.  You will need to keep the following questions in mind:

  • Are you offensive, or defensive?
  • What are your farming needs?
  • Do you have enemies nearby?
  • What is your tribes focus?
  • Do you want points or troops?

If your focus is troops, then you need to focus on upgrading your resources, your farm, your warehouse, and your Smithy/Barracks/Stable so that you can maximize weaponry and troop strength, particularly if you are offensive.  If you are focusing on defensive troops, you also need to consider your wall.  As a general rule, the following template is a good guide for 1000-ish point player.

HQ: Level 10-15

Barracks: Level 8-12

Wall: Level 15

Stable: Level 6-12

Resources (wood, clay, iron): Level 15-20… or more.  These are important.

Smithy: Level 10-15

Farm: Depends on your troop ratio, but level 15 is safe and generous.

Troops: 2:1 minimum ratio recommended. This means that if you have 1000 points, you should have 2000 troops.  FOCUS ON EITHER OFFENSIVE OR DEFENSIVE.

What You’ll Find- Advanced

After your Beginner Protection has worn off, your village will start to look very different as you grow and earn more points.  Your Headquarters will change and become impressive as you level up, as will your other buildings.

There are a few new buildings that you will see and build, and they are:

Stable: The stable is where you, logically, build and train all troops that use horses: Light and Heavy Cavalry, and Scouts.  The higher the upgrade level, the faster the troops will train.

Smithy: This is where you can research and improve your weapons, and as with the other buildings in the village, the higher the upgrade means shorter research times.  Read up on Smithy Techs to learn more about the defensive benefits this can offer.

Workshop: The workshop is crucial to your offensive tactics, because it allows you to build rams and catapults.

Academy: This is where the magic happens.  The Academy is the most advanced building in the village, but allows you to train nobles and thus take over villages to expand your empire.


Upgrading Mines Strategy (part 2)

MinePart 2 of Mine Building should be a part of the early phases of the game. Similar to Upgrading Mines Strategy (part 1), make sure that your updates occur according to your need and at good intervals.  A few more iron mine or wood levels are a good investment, especially early on.

Any building or growth strategy is enhanced by extra access to resources, and a great way to maximize resources is to build and upgrade mines. If you plan using the HQ upgrading strategy and are still a bit short in resources, adding a few mines levels to increase your income can be a good option.

Iron is one of the most-needed resources, and a level 17 iron mine is the highest level you can achieve without impeding your growth to Nobleing, and it is a good strategy to use as a follow up of the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) strategy. It is quite popular also as a tactic.

  • Of note: skip this strategy if you have no trouble finding resources.
Some areas, especially some advanced worlds, don’t allow you to farm beyond a certain level.  In these areas, upgrading your mines late in the game is an option. Depending on the circumstances and your strategies, mine levels between18-22 or between 24-25 can be hugely beneficial but be sure that you take your strategic needs and tactical approach into account.