Catapulting Farms

Catapulting enemy farms has two major benefits:


  1. The first benefit is simply convincing players to abandon their farm, whether new or established, and restart elsewhere to avoid costly attacks. By forcing them to restart, you also eliminate the possibility of retaliation from them should they recoup their losses later in the game.  A restart will likely place them too far away from you, at the very outer edge of the world, for a retaliatory attack to have any relevance.
    • Of note: if you plan on using the village as a farm, do not destroy resources, not even the warehouse.


  1. The second benefit is only on worlds with growing barbarians. Since the barbarian villages have a maximum limit on points, you can exploit their growth by catapulting certain buildings and leaving only those that help them gain resources. Be sure that you do not target warehouses and resources, but other building are good targets for catapulting. Once you’ve demolished a few buildings, the barbarian will randomly queue another building which may be a resource, allowing you to take a larger haul when farming. If it’s not, catapult it and wait for the next queue to build.
  • Of note: avoid catapulting walls, if possible, as good walls will limit potential losses from attacks while farming.

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