Axes Escorting

Axe2Before you start this strategy, make sure you have the following upgrades complete:

  • HQ 4
  • HQ 5
  • Smithy 1
  • Smithy 2
  • Research axe (only level 1 for now if there are levels)
  • Recruit a few axes (1 to 5 per spear group)

This is basically the same thing as the Sword escorting but with axes. Choosing axes has several benefits:

  • Allows you to train swordsmen, which likely won’t be needed now but may be helpful later in the game.
  • Splitting your spears in smaller groups with axes allows you to steal more resources from more villages.
  • Axes do not slow down your spears on the farming runs and, if you are really active, allow you to gain more resources faster than your neighbors. However, if your farms become dry quickly, waiting for the resources to research the axe can slow you down and the sword escorts are less expensive.
  • This strategy also works better on 10 tech worlds.
  • Combined with the Scouts, Early axe nuke, Light cavalry rush and the Light cavalry addition, Axe Escorting early on is a well known and popular tactic that is easy to use.

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