1 Million+ Resources a Day

FarmingTroopsFarming is incredibly important, as everyone knows. If you farm well enough, you can have troops and buildings in constant production.  Active, large players farm up to 1.5 million resources a day. Villages that are more spread out can farm even more.

1. You don’t have to be constantly online to farm a lot.

Some people think that farming a lot means you’re constantly online.  That’s not the case. Sure, the more you’re online then the more you’ll probably be able to farm. It’s just a matter of adapting your farming tactics for whatever time you have available to be online.

2. Ram down the walls, cat down barracks

Some people like to simply skip over villages that have walls to avoid losses to light cavalry. They take them out of their scripts and/or make notes about which villages have walls. This is a horrible idea! Use your rams to take down the walls, then send in your LC. There’s no sense in losing troops, but there’s no sense in turning down resources either.

Also, cat down the barracks. A barb can’t grow a wall if it doesn’t have a barracks, so you’ll prevent or at least delay the wall from growing back again.

3. Farming troops

When it comes to building troops for farming, choose wisely.  Axes are the stronger attack troop per farm space, but LC contribute more power to your nuke and their farming capacity is better. Prioritizing your farming troops will give you the resources necessary to build a fuller army much faster.

In a defensive village, spears and HC need to be balanced. Spears are the better overall farmers, but need to be escorted. So, if you’ve just taken a village, and have little to no resources, start off by recruiting small amounts of both spears and HC, and then using them to farm for more resources.

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