Intro to Village- What You’ll Find

When first assigned a village, you’ll need to know your way around.

Headquarters is the castle in the top right side of your village.  This is the main hub of the village, where you can do most upgrades including mines, barracks, stables, markets, etc.  The higher the upgrade level of the HQ, the faster your buildings will build.

Iron Mine: The only true mine in the game, though other resources are collectively referred to as a “mine.” Upgrade this to produce more iron, which is needed for upgrades and troops.  Extra iron can be traded with a market.

Timber Camp: Timber is the most needed early resource.  Upgrade to at least a level 5 or 6 to get good production going for upgrades and troop recruitment.  Extra timber can be traded in the market.

Clay Pit: Clay is the second most highly prized early resource. Upgrade to at least a level 4 quickly in order to maximize Beginner Protection.

Rally Point: You command troops from this spot.

(Build) Smithy: The Smithy is not valuable as a stand-alone, and needs to be teched in order to provide a defensive benefit. You can research unit upgrades here- and they are worth every penny.

(Build) Market: This is optional, but helpful for trading resources.  You can trade amongst your tribe or with other players.


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