Wall Addition and Hiding Place

WallBuilding a wall while you are still covered by the beginner’s protection is a very good idea, and a wise investment.  Most players start building and upgrading the wall as soon as possible, knowing that it is the first layer of protection and one of the primary deterrents against would-be attackers.

The wall at this stage is very strong and able to withstand most attacks by players nearby- they will not have had time to build the offensive units needed to infiltrate- unless you joined a very old world. 

The wall is a cheap investment if you are pursuing a 24/7 strategy, but keep in mind that often it’s better to increase your income before pursuing the wall since your defense will not help you grow. Some players upgrade wall levels once both the Barracks and Stables are running constantly; be sure to keep upgrading the HQ also, and know that having at least a small wall growing with your village is advisable.

The same principle occurs for the hiding place; you may forget about it but you will be glad that it is upgraded if you need it.  And, don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is too late! Defense is important, so plan ahead and don’t get caught short.

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