Upgrading Mines Strategy (part 2)

MinePart 2 of Mine Building should be a part of the early phases of the game. Similar to Upgrading Mines Strategy (part 1), make sure that your updates occur according to your need and at good intervals.  A few more iron mine or wood levels are a good investment, especially early on.

Any building or growth strategy is enhanced by extra access to resources, and a great way to maximize resources is to build and upgrade mines. If you plan using the HQ upgrading strategy and are still a bit short in resources, adding a few mines levels to increase your income can be a good option.

Iron is one of the most-needed resources, and a level 17 iron mine is the highest level you can achieve without impeding your growth to Nobleing, and it is a good strategy to use as a follow up of the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) strategy. It is quite popular also as a tactic.

  • Of note: skip this strategy if you have no trouble finding resources.
Some areas, especially some advanced worlds, don’t allow you to farm beyond a certain level.  In these areas, upgrading your mines late in the game is an option. Depending on the circumstances and your strategies, mine levels between18-22 or between 24-25 can be hugely beneficial but be sure that you take your strategic needs and tactical approach into account.

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