Building Your Barracks

Barracks3The Barracks is very important in Tribal Wars.  Why?  Because without it, you can’t build troops, and an army is of paramount importance for both growth and survival.  Regardless of offensive or defensive strategy, you’ll need to pay attention to the Barracks.  A standard Barracks has very specific upgrade requirements.

  • Clay or Iron level 1
  • If option 2 statue + paladin
  • Wood or Clay level 1
  • Iron or Wood level 1
  • (Choose either option 1 everywhere or option 2 everywhere. If you have a paladin choose option 2)
  • Clay 2
  • Wood 2
  • (Clay 3 optional)
  • Wood 3
  • Wood 4
  • HQ 2
  • HQ 3
  • Barrack
  • Begin to makes spears and to farm.

If you are in a world with a quick beginner protection (0 to 3 days) and want to build up your Barracks, be sure to farm before or at approximately the same time as most of the players around you.

This approach can also be used on a longer beginner protection and works especially well if you have a lot of barbarians or bonus camps to farm. Be sure that you have access to at least 1 barbarian or bonus, but it works better if you have at least 2 or 3 in your 7×7.

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