Farming: Spiking

SpikeTo start, build a few more swords than needed for farming, we recommend between 10-15.

Then, while still covered by the beginner protection, send some swords (along with spears and the paladin) to support barbarians or bonus village; if your neighbors attack the camp with the intent to farm, they will find that they lose many more troops  than anticipated, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks from you.

If you plan to spike, keep in mind that you aren’t getting any immediate profit; instead, the goal is to have a few more resources later on with a troop advantage for farming. This strategy is controversial in the Tribal Wars community: many players say it slows you down, while others say it is profitable.  It is agreed, however, that it is only smart to use in really early stages of the game. Use this tactic only if you have some experience in early game tactics and know what you are doing.

You can spike a village that is already spiked, and it can be extremely beneficial in certain situations- you have fewer losses if the other troops are there and the player who spiked the village may withdraw his own troops to farm this village and finish by hitting a spike also.

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