Building Spears


Research in Smithy: what’s required to build Spears?

Spears are available on most worlds without needing research.  Make sure you have constructed a Rally Point and a Barracks, and you will be ready to start recruiting.  They are the most basic unit, but are very important early on.

How many Spears should you start out with?

The concept of Spear production is very straightforward, and also very simple.  When you’re concentrating on Spear production, you are only producing Spears in your Barracks for a period of time.

There is no specific number of recommended Spears; it depends on your strategy, location, approach and access to resources.  Many of players find the number that’s right for them after they have played awhile, but around 18 to 40 for each barb in your 7×7 is standard if you are active.

In certain instances, more Spears are needed than the 18 to 40 mentioned above.  Some players are able to send a lot of farming runs during the day, and may find that they need to exceed these numbers by farming outside their 7×7 before the beginner protection is off (see early farming strategies for further details).

This can be mixed with Swords escorting, Sword addition, Early defence strategy, spiking, any market strategy, axes escorting and Light cavalry rush. It is really popular in the early stages.

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