Building Your Smithy and Smithy Techs


The Smithy is where you will research all new technologies related to your troops, weaponry, and troop building.  The higher your Smithy is upgraded, the less time this research will take.  In order to build in, your Headquarters must be upgraded to Level 5 and you must have a Barracks built.

It is very important for defense that you have your smithy teched, or upgraded and researched, as high as possible, even if you don’t need increased research speed.  This means that even in your offensive villages, you need to have some defense teched, specifically swords, spears, or HC.

Why, you ask? Any troops stationed there defend at the village’s tech levels, not the tech levels of the originating village. Even if you can only tech swords and spears to level one in your offensive villages, it’s going to save losses when it comes time to defend.

Incorporating HC in offensive builds is pretty useless, as the masses have HC teched out.  Have a balanced tech system worked out so that people who send troops are getting the maximum value possible in their defenses.

It’s preferable to have a less powerful nuke but still have minimum level 2 swords and spears teched in offensive villages. This is also especially helpful when you need to pump out additional defense in villages that are targeted.

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