Secure Barrack Strategy

Barracks4The Barracks is the key to troop production, both offensive and defensive, and is thus critical to survival at any phase of the game.  For a Secure Barracks strategy, you will need:

  • Clay or Iron lvl 1 or statue + paladin
  • Wood or Clay lvl 1
  • Iron or Wood lvl 1
  • (Choose either option 1 everywhere or option 2 everywhere. If you have a paladin choose option 2)
  • Clay 2
  • Wood 2
  • Clay 3
  • Wood 4
  • Wood 5
  • HQ 2
  • HQ 3
  • Barrack
  • Produce spears and begin farming.

If you have around 2 barbarians for farming in your area, this can work and gives you more secure income from mines.  Sometimes, taking your Barracks levels as high as this can cause you to have a late start on farming with Spears. Be sure to produce a Paladin to also assist with farming hauls- this is not a strategy that is meant to stand alone, and should be combined with another approach to maximize the use of resources. If you are a bit less active, on a longer beginner protection, or simply feel like having level 5 wood, this might be the best strategy for you to farm and maximize troop production.  You never want to neglect your resources- so choose wisely.

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