Scouts are exactly what they sound like and do just what you think- they will scout the surrounding area and bring back information about strengths, weaknesses, and resources.  To get one, you need several upgraded building.

For the Headquarters:

  • HQ level 5

The Smithy will need:Scout

  • Smithy level 5

The Barracks will need:

  • Barracks level 5

And finally:

  • Stable level 1
  • Research scouts

You’ll want to recruit a few Scouts very early in the game if you plan on being a strong player very quickly, and usually 1-5 is sufficient.  However, beware that in some worlds you need at least 4 scouts to get a report during missions, so be prepared to build a minimum of 4-5 if needed. Scouting as a tactic is gathering information about the remaining resources in the barbarians and bonus villages.

After the beginner protection wears off, use Scouts to gather information on your neighbors’ resources and troops. Scouts can do solo missions, or as part of a farming run, and will survive as long as there are no scouts in the attacked village.

Scouts aren’t necessary, just useful, and there are ways to get a lot of information on both troop counts and resources in many villages without their help. Check Advanced Farming Tactics and clearing for more information. This is one of the reasons many players skip scouts to make a Light cavalry rush even faster. However, if you are active, getting scouts on the core when all villages are empty allows you to plan your hauls and maybe find good farms further out without risking lost time on failed resourcing missions further out. Some players create a small white wall (a scout defense) to block scout attacks and keep their resources secret.


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