Intro- Late Start-up

RimThe time you join a world does have an impact on a few things in your strategy, since you have to adapt to your surroundings. Joining very late in a world’s existence is certainly no exception.  Take into account the following:

  • The rim may not grow outward any more than where it is, or will grow very slowly and be less dense.
  • You may begin with a few more buildings than usual.
  • Often, you need to use a particular tactic to optimize growth; maxing out troops if you can farm properly with all of your troops in your 55×55 isn’t always the best way to produce resources.
  • Building a few mines level boosts production, and you will need enough troops to keep the village as dry as possible and additional troops help you when you’re ready to noble.
  • Don’t be too ambitious on late stage world since many players are already big; instead, focus on tribes and alliances.
  • Enemy troops will send less power against you since you are smaller- use this to your advantage, and focus on defense.
  • The later you begin, the later you should be nobleing. Rushing to noble a small village instead of gaining 2x, 3x the points on your main village and building more troops isn’t always the best choice.

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