Militia in Defense

Militia4In the latest version of the game, the militia is introduced earlier in the game.  The best part? It is free to build and gives you some free units.

You get 20 per farm level and a maximum of 300 over the life of the village. Of course, they do have an opportunity cost, if not a building cost.  They last 6 hours, and are not mobile between villages. During this time, they cost you about 3 hours of mine production, reducing all your mines income by half during these 6 hours. But don’t be dismayed; it can still be very cheap to afford, especially early on while you have low mine levels.  They also are good early defense, as they can do a lot of damage to attacking units who attempt to farm you.

Strategically, this unit is pretty new and a relative question mark.  Besides  a few speculations about benefits of sniping with militia, no real tactics or strategies incorporate the militia. In some instances, you benefit more from the resources, especially if you are really active, than you would from the militia.  It is best to use it if you have an attacker approaching and little time to build troops. Use them wisely!

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