IntimidationIntimidation is a big part of the game, and you can easily harness this skill and use it to your benefit. The first step to any defense in early game is often your size and your troops- and some awards proving you have those troops and you know how to use them. Anyone will think twice before attacking a big, strong, proven player. 

Sometimes, top players are so busy growing that they aren’t receiving income. Do not try to mix the point-whoring strategy with intimidation, as it is really dangerous if you are discovered being a point-whore; no matter your size, everyone will try to steal your resources if they know you are bluffing about your prowess.

Being polite and respectful is an often overlooked part of intimidation- being icy and aloof earns you respect and may forge early alliances.  This is important for your long term defense and reputation.

Playing aggressively can also earn you some respect and certainly makes you a formidable opponent, but also makes you more enemies than friends- which might come back to haunt you if you aren’t properly defended. Read How to properly defend at start-up to get your whole defensive strategy set-up.

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