Upgrading Your Headquarters

HeadquartersThe concept behind maximizing your use of the Headquarters, or HQ, is extremely simple: the higher the level of your Headquarters, the quicker you produce other village upgrades.

Keep the following concepts in mind regarding HQ:

·         A level 20 village is required for the Academy, so it’s a good idea to upgrade it consistently. As always, though, it’s a good idea to have a running queue in your Barracks and Stable. Once this has been accomplished, start adding upgrades to your HQ regularly and consistently- this will make you a stronger overall player, regardless of your strategy. 

·         Few strategies can be effectively accomplished if you fail to give proper importance to your HQ.

Often, players stop upgrading the HQ at level 20, but experienced players are more likely to continue increasing because of the offsetting decrease in building time for other subsequent buildings (like the Barracks and Stable), which is extremely beneficial for all building strategies.  A fully or highly upgraded HQ will help you grow more quickly, create troops faster and more efficiently, and will make you a formidable opponent for neighbors and nearby tribes, and will also make you a more valuable ally and tribe member.  HQ are extremely important, especially at the beginning of the game- upgrade them early and often.

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