Intro to Farming

Farm3Tribal Wars is all about domination.

In the early game it is essential to grow quickly – both in village size and troops. By mid game you need to keep producing your nobles and armies to sustain your growth rate.

To do this, you need resources faster than your villages produce them.  Which means, you need to farm!  There are numerous farming tactics and techniques that

The key to your success, to dominates the local map and strike fear into the local players, is having a good farming strategy…

Tribal Wars Farming Guide

  1. Send troops to all the farms around your village. Start in your 7×7 and work outwards.
  2. When you receive the reports off your village, work out how many troops you need to send to bring home a full resource haul.
  3. Send your troops out to farm and collect the resources.
  4. Repeat each step until you have covered all of your local map area.

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