Farming Low Point Players

Some players are unfortunate enough to be the victims of farming by larger and more experienced players.  Try not to be one of them.  Instead, try to be the farmer; here’s how:

  • The trick here is: early and often.  When a player comes out of Beginner Protection, scout them immediately to see how large their troop base is.
  • Send regular farming expeditions; this will prevent them from growing larger due to lack of resources, and they will not be able to defend or build troops, walls, etc. in order to stave off the resources.  Likely, they will restart.
  • He/She may respond by rapidly spending any and all resources before your troops land.  If this happens, break your expeditions down into smaller runs that land more frequently.  Unless the player is online 24/7, they will have trouble counteracting this.

You do want to be aware of a few things:

  • Be wary of new players already in tribes.  Unless you are very confident and experienced, getting into a conflict with a tribe for a farm is not a wise move.
  • Unless you know for sure that they don’t have an army, be sure to send at least a few offensive troops to protect your farmers.
  • Know that karma is watching.  You don’t want this to come back to haunt you, so make sure the player is not allied.  This is very important.

Happy farming!

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