Intro to Troops

Troops2Under Beginner Protection, you may not have many options regarding what troops you can build- but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be smart with building.  Here are the options:

  • Spears: Spears are basic defensive troops in the early phases and have a high carrying capacity for farming.  Build them early, and often.
  • Swordsmen: Excellent early defenders, though slightly slower and with less carrying capacity.
  • Axemen: The best early offensive option, you will need a Smithy level 2 before you are able to research and build them.
  • Scout: This unit is simply for letting you know what you’re up against.  Send them on scouting missions to find out if there are any farms or barbarians nearby, and to see how your neighbors are growing.
  • Light Cavalry: You may have time to build this unit during Beginner Protection, depending on what world you are in. This is an excellent early unit with good offense and excellent speed.
  • Heavy Cavalry: Unlikely that you will be able to build this during early protection, but if you are able to then you’re ahead of the game! These are the best of the best, excellent defenders and attackers and the best escorts there are.

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