Early Mine Whoring Strategy

MoneyEarly mine-whoring is a risky approach, but if you have very few resource options, this can work well to keep you competitive in the early phases of the game.

  • Clay or Iron level 1 or statue + paladin
  • Wood or Clay level 1
  • Iron or Wood level 1
  • (Choose either option 1 everywhere or option 2 everywhere. If you have a paladin choose option 2)
  • Clay 2
  • Wood 2
  • Clay 3
  • Clay 4
  • Wood 4
  • Clay 5
  • Wood 5
  • Wood 6
  • Wood 7
  • (You can get statue and paladin here as well)
  • HQ 2
  • HQ 3
  • Barrack
  • Produce spears and begin farming

If you have a small number of barbarians or farms in your area, this approach will help you stay competitive early on until you can employ other strategies to force new farms. Some players also find success with this technique and only upgrade to clay 4 and wood 6- do what works best for you based on the specs of the world you are in.


Some players also add a level 2 iron mine as well. Remember, if you have more than 2 barbarians in your 7×7, you should consider another strategy or pair them, in order to maximize your access to resources. You won’t see this strategy employed often, not because it is ineffective but because most players will restart if their camp is in an undesirable area.  If you are willing to play with the hand you were dealt, however, this can be a great fit.

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