Early Farming Strategies

Farm2Paladins make excellent farmers.  Your paladin will not die, even if he attacks alone, against villages without troops or a wall. Bonus and barbarian villages usually have no troops and have a really low wall, if they have one at all, during the first few days. He also walks faster than your spears so sending him alone is the best way to farm with your paladin. You can also use it as a scout, since he gathers the same information as any units but he walks faster and is cheap to rebuild.

You can also farm with spears.  Once you have 4 Spears, send them with your paladin on your farming runs. Your Paladin, even slowed down, allows some Spears to farm and upgrades your income. Spears alone will die, so best to combine them , or, if there is no Paladin in your world, 7 Spears is the minimum for the first farming run

Plan your farming trips of inactive players for the moment their beginner protection is off. This will give you full hauls if you are the first one to attack them. When you have 32-35 Spears,  you can send them alone (without the paladin or any additional units) without having one die, if you’re lucky. At this point, especially if you are still getting full hauls, sending your Spears and your Paladin alone and separately should be your regular farming strategy. If you feel you need an escort, keep your paladin with them or use the strategy Sword escorting or Axes escorting.

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