Early Defense Strategy with Archers

In order to properly set yourself up for a defensive strategy, make sure you have completed the necessary upgrades.

ArcherFor the Barracks:

  • Barracks level 2
  • Barracks level 3
  • Barracks level 4
  • Barracks level 5

The Smithy will need:

  • Smithy level 2
  • Smithy level 3
  • Smithy level 4
  • Smithy level 5

And finally:

  • Research archers
  • Wall level 1 to 7-8

Build as many archers as you want (you can decide for yourself, there is no right number- but if you have had success with this, please let us know how many you built). If you are playing as a Turtle, use this defensive strategy on archer worlds and mix it with the Light cavalry addition.

In a long beginner protection, this is a good alternative for defensive players, and still lets you use the light cavalry strategy, which is a good approach if you want a mixed offensive/defensive strategy.

Note that there is no specific order for upgrading the Smithy and Barracks levels. Often, experienced players will weigh their options, and will upgrade the Smithy if they know they won’t have the resources to queue more buildings for quite some time, or Barracks levels if they know they have the resources to keep their HQ working. Building the Barracks first allows you to produce soldiers faster but you may end up low on resources. From what I know, this tactic is really rare even if with common sense many players would know how to do it.

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