Intro- Definitions

CastleFarming, to farm: Sending troops to a village to steal their resources (see farming techniques for more information).

HQ: Village Headquarters, the building that controls when and how you build other buildings.

Mines: Iron mine; players also generalize and refer to their resource pits (like timber camp, clay pit and iron mine) as mines.

7×7, 13×13, 15×15, 25×25: This is a reference to the grid where your camp is located. 7×7 is the square around your village, without premium. It is 7 by 7 squares in the map (or coordinates if you prefer).

Noobs and Newbs: Players are noobs if they aren’t good, pretend they are, don’t want to learn and/or are arrogant players. Newbs is a term to define a new player but is not seen as an insult.

Beginner protection: The first few days (0 to 7 days usually) where no one can attack your village. You can find the exact number of days of your protection in the settings of the world by clicking on “Help” while you are in game, then selecting “other information” and then search for “beginner protection.” Note also that you cannot attack any players during their beginner protection but you are still allowed to attack barbarians or bonus camps.

Restarting tip: If luck is on your side, then restarting can get you a better location. If there are 2 or more barbs in a location, you should stay. Restarting to be near more barbs or near bonus villages does not always work. To restart, go to the “settings”, select “start over” and enter your password. Note that restarting in really early worlds may be forbidden to prevent players from abusing the system.

Tutorial tip: In every world finishing the tutorial, no matter when, gives you resources and 5 spears. If it is closed, simply go to “settings,” click on the settings again and you should be able to open it. You can do this only once per world.

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