Defense After Beginner Protection

DefenseIn early stages, most players focus on offensive growth and farming.  Keep in mind that while growth is important, it will matter very little if you can’t defend yourself.  You don’t want to neglect the defenses of your new village.

Building defense units like swords or archers doesn’t boost growth, which is why many players neglect them early on. If you are able to keep your stable working 24 hours a day (see 24h 7d), and you do not need axes for any clearing task, build spears to increase your farming capacity. Spears are defensive units but are used to farm like any other units.

All troops should be out farming, even defensive troops. Many players keep their troops at home for defense, but defensive troops are also good farmers and should be used for dual purpose whenever possible.

The key to building a good defense is anticipating your opponent. Spears are good versus cavalry, swords against axes and archers are a good universal gift card. A diverse defense is stronger, so make sure you have good variety.

The requirement for swords, the earliest available defensive unit, is a Smithy level 1.  For archers you need Barracks level 5 and Smithy level 5.

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